Winjet Fast Ferry


FIRST.- This ticket serves as evidence of a maritime transport contract (service) to be provided by Transcaribe (the carrier) to the holder of this ticket (the user).

SECOND.- The consideration for the maritime transport service on the indicated route is the rate with IVA included, previously paid by the user.

THIRD.- The service will be provided for the trip immediately following the purchase of the ticket, unless it is not possible due to security, space, or force majeure. In such cases, the service will be provided as soon as possible and safe, as determined by the carrier.

FOURTH.- The user agrees to maintain their cargo unit(s) and driver(s) adequately insured against third-party damage and to keep the insurance coverage in effect throughout the duration of this contract.

FIFTH.- Cargo declaration. The user, under their strictest responsibility, must provide or complete the cargo declaration to be handed over to the carrier, with the following details: Weight, volume, type, conditions, and description of cargo, type of vehicle, and driver or responsible person’s name. The user, upon boarding, shall bear the responsibility for the accuracy of the cargo identification details and shall indemnify the carrier against all losses, damages, and expenses arising from inaccuracies in the said declaration. Goods of a flammable, explosive, or dangerous nature that have not been declared as such may be offloaded, destroyed, or neutralized by the carrier without compensation to the user, who shall also bear responsibility for any resulting damages.

SIXTH.- The carrier undertakes, upon selling a space on board its vessel, to insure the passenger, cargo, and vehicle in accordance with the conditions and liability limits stipulated by the Secretary of Communications and Transportation in the applicable branch, if the carrier is responsible for the incident.

SEVENTH.- All users, their employees, agents, and any other representatives shall respect and comply at all times with the provisions issued by the carrier’s officials.

EIGHTH.- In the event of a legal dispute, both parties expressly agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the competent federal courts in the city of Mérida, Yucatán, waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, either currently or in the future, based on domicile, nationality, or any other reasons.